They call it Detention Centre for the Securing of Foreigners. But a different word captures its essense. Seventy years on, we’re having concentration camps built again! There are currently four such places in the Czech Republic, in which the detainees are treated worse than prisoners, and the statements issued thus far the by the Ministry of the Interior make it clear that this figure is not final.

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It is the opening of the last of these pooling camps in an old prison in Drahonice, the only goal of which seems to be to trample the dignity of those interned and scare off those who might still dare cross our border, which led us to conceive this activistic and artistic intervention. We refuse to come to terms with the growing walls and barbed wire, or the suffering of the innocent people hiding behind it. For a start, we brought back a shameful mesh trophy from Drahonice, which we transformed into an artistic artefact. The funds gained through its sale will be donated to those encountering this state’s xenophobic migration policy first hand.
Fewer fences, more heart!

De- fence is a loose collective of autonoms, activists and artists who got together only for this particular action. We are not tied to any official institutions, NGOs and so on. It is a political direct action which evolved in this art project. Final massive artefact goes to auction. Stratingpriceis10000,– EUR
All the earned money will be donated to grassroots refugee aid activities. The entire process will be transparent and published on our website. Contact us on  de-fence@riseup.net if you need more information or if you would like to buy De-fence object.